Web Jedi "Live"

"You-as-a-Service" ("YaaS") for jedi masters of the World Wide Web.
We simplify self-hosting for small web businesses and offer affordable access to technical web expertise in real-time.
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We help jedis, web masters, and entrepreneurs affordably deploy digital services online. Powerful raw computing space under your control.
Using open-source technology we pass cost savings onto you and provide a collaborative 1-on-1 experience throughout your digital jedi journey.
Join the largest "Live" expert network as a jedi, a web master, or whatever it is that you do. Represent authority as a web jedi or in any profession, digitally.
Prepare for the meta-verse with your own server space. May the force be with you.

We Simplify Self-Hosting for Your Digital Universe

YOUR server, YOUR data. Join a growing number of individuals choosing to self-host their own electric ecosystems. We arm you with the latest in open-source communications tools.
Your "YaaS" server includes a ".live" website, your own chat app (where you're the almighty Admin!), 50 GB of cloud storage, 4-core CPU and 8GB of RAM, a collaborative personal task board, SMS with your own business VOIP number (including programmable SMS by Twilio), all with server space left over for more and included for one flat fee.
Move into a ready-built digital suite for you and your vision for a flat $25/mo. Compare with per seat pricing for most SaaS companies. Why go "SaaS" when you can go "YaaS!"
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Chat with Web Jedis and Technical Support Specialists One-on-One

For the same $25/mo fee that small business owners pay to activate their own "YaaS" businesses, many offer the same to you for expert web assistance anytime.
Affordable web expertise on-demand. Subscribe to WebJedis.Live today to learn more and get technical expertise on-the-fly for you and 2 other members of your family or business.
Communicate over your app of choice (e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger) or use our included web jedi app built just for you.
Get responses in real-time from a real web jedi. Securely, one-on-one. Cancel anytime.
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