Working out of FedEx corporate headquarters in Collierville, TN.

Serving FedEx.

FedEx’s largest digital transformation to date is the “API Factory” within Digital Access Marketing. Working hand-in-hand with IT software development teams in the transition from Waterfall to Agile.

One of the larger Agile-release-trains in the company.

API Factory.

As Product Owner for 2 scrum teams simultaneously, I became an Agilist at the School of Hard Knocks! Starting in PI-0.

Nearly every bit of new functionality across Fedex’s vast network of business units (shipping, tracking, rating, and more) is built through the use of APIs.

The API Factory works hand in hand with the large software development teams that create this functionality every day.

High standards and high complexity.

FedEx design standards are very high, customer journeys are very detailed, and legacy architecture abounds. A challenging but rewarding environment to work in.

Everything had to be perfect for our customers.