One of Microsoft’s larger programs to date. Retail, Windows, and Office collaborative effort.

Serving Microsoft.

Microsoft’s first Hardware-as-a-Service pilot (now called Device-as-a-Service). Targeting the difficult SMB segment.

About 15% of the floorspace of nearly every Microsoft store was dedicated to the SMB segment and our AYB program.

Most challenging segment: SMBs

Microsoft’s hardest nut to crack: the SMB space (less than a 7% market share of the space!)

SMBs want something simple and affordable. Our Microsoft Store plans had a good/better/best, starting at just $35/mo.

HaaS here to stay.

We designed a pilot that led to a rollout for all Microsoft regions globally and managed the day-to-day with Microsoft teams on the Retail, Windows, and O365 sides of the business.

Haas or DaaS includes a laptop, software (O365), and enterprise-level support for about $50/seat per month.

We also ran live shows for getting the word out using some nice gear, tech, and celebrity hosts.