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Self-hosted technology could be the future for many. Do you host your own cloud server?

Dashboard. Dojo. Business in a Box.

Customized to your profession, passions, and people. Every dojo starts with a dashboard.

Your most important info front and center. Point your browser’s start page to it. It’s super convenient and most importantly it’s self-hosted!

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Check out some of over 150 dashboards (one per profession, for demonstration only):

Hugo super fast static website.

Going with WordPress from the get-go was a mistake. Sorry. Two years into the project I decided to migrate everything to a static website. WordPress being dynamic is built on old tech and clunky.

I had to teach myself a new language and operating environment. It’s called Hugo and it’s considered the fastest site generator in the world (Work Dojos gets near a 99% Performance score according to Google/PageSpeed Insights).

Hugo sites are fast and database-free. Website files live in a static folder. Once you find a way to sync that folder to the cloud, you then have a very simple frustration-free and fast website. And it’s hosted for FREE. Imagine that, so simple (wish I had discovered it years ago!).
While static sites are just static files that live in a folder, I have created a proper workflow that includes a Github repository, pushed with Git, synced with Netlify who hosts the site for free, with local files synced to Google Drive, and files are pushed to the cloud via terminal.